Yi Sun-sin Bridge

Yi Sun-sin Bridge is a suspension bridge in the south coast of South Korea. The bridge is one part of The Approach Road to Yeosu Industrial Complex. It is the world's fifth longest suspension bridge in terms of its main span length of 1,545 m since it opened in 2012. The bridge connects Gwangyang with Myodo-dong, a small island that is part of Yeosu City.

Yi Sun-sin Bridge‘Yi Sun-sin’ is the name of the Korean Admiral who was born in 1545 and built the world first ironclad warship called 'the Turtle ship' and defended the country against Japanese navy in the Joseon Dynasty. Some people miswrite his last name like 'Lee' instead of 'Yi' but 'Yi Sun-sin' is his official name. The bridge was designed by Yooshin corporation and was constructed by Daelim Industrial Company.

Unlike the previous suspension bridges in Korea, Daelim's engineers carried out the whole construction engineering by themselves despite its outstanding scale compared with the former ones.

The bridge was a finalist in the Outstanding Structure Award 2013. More details