Russian Helicopters History

Mil Mi-1 helicopter, the first Soviet helicopter to enter serial production, made its first flight 70 years ago, in September 1948. More than 2,500 of such aircraft were built in the USSR and Poland, and it was used for multiple purposes in 17 countries by the military, agricultural sector and the medical profession.

Russian Helicopters HistoryThe helicopter’s extraordinary qualities are proven by its 27 world records that were set in the 1950s and 1960s for speed, height and range. Experts say that the Mi-1 can be compared to America’s Sikorsky S-51, but it was more widely used.

Mil Mi-8 is the most widely produced twin-turbine helicopter in the world. Currently,  more than 5,000 Mi-8/17 helicopters are registered in 92 countries. According to some estimates, in 2015 these helicopters
comprised nearly 13 percent of all helicopters on the planet. Since it was first produced in 1965, almost 12,000 have been made, and. there have been 130 modified versions.

Mil V-12 is the largest helicopter ever built. In 1969, it lifted 44,205 kilos at an altitude of 2,255 meters setting a world record that still stands. It was supposed to carry intercontinental ballistic missiles, but the Soviet military did not manage to find a way to utilize it. Only two V-12s were produced despite excellent reviews and prestigious international awards such as the Sikorsky Prize.

Mil Mi-26 heavy transport helicopter is the largest and most powerful to have ever gone into serial production. It can lift up to 20,000 kilos. Since 1980, 300 of these helicopters have been produced. More details